Telemedicine is rapidly becoming an absolute necessity for medical facilities all over the world. The ability for doctors, hospital personnel and patients to communicate face to face and share data instantly over large distances, has revolutionized the way hospitals and physicians service their patients.

Yet with all of the advantages why are so many slow to adopt? Too many failed telemedicine projects, anticipated high costs and the simple fear of choosing the wrong provider has led many facilities to put their telemedicine plans on hold.

With a telemedicine solution from expert ID-Tech Solutions consultants you can lay those fears to rest.

A Telemedicine solution from ID-Tech offers:

Years of experience

Expertise in telemedicine dating back to the earliest days of the industry is the reason our solutions succeed where so many others have failed.

Customized pilot programs

Pilot programs monitored and managed from beginning to end to ensure complete project success and satisfaction.

Innovative mobile solutions

Mobile effectively extends telemedicine beyond the borders of the hospital or office allowing doctors and surgeons to provide instant, expert emergency care in crystal clear high definition video anytime, anywhere and from any device!

Transportable Exam Stations

Exam stations and peripherals from industry leader GlobalMed, allow for rapid, accurate examinations to be conducted in the comfort of the patient’s own home or location – With ID-Tech Solutions, the doctor can once again make house calls!

Trusted partnerships with industry leaders

Partnering with industry leaders GlobalMed and LifeSize enable us to provide cost effective leading edge telemedicine solutions, all in crystal clear High Definition video.

Consultation & Complete Integration

At ID-Tech Solutions, we have the knowledge and technological expertise to help you integrate telemedicine into your facility to leverage the benefits it offers to both patients and your organization.

Lunch & Learn Events

Come join ID-Tech Solutions at one of our FREE Lunch & Learn Events!


At our two most recent successful events; Dec. 18th in Woodbridge NJ and Dec 19th in Midtown Manhattan, we demoed two of GlobalMed’s newest offerings, the FirstExam Station cart and the suitcase size Transportable Exam Station (TES) and were treated to a delicious buffet lunch. Future events will be held in Eastern PA and Connecticut as well as further events in NY and NJ. Contact us today to be sure you don’t miss a single event!