Security & Monitoring Solutions

You can’t be everywhere at once. But when you’re managing or running a business, it sure feels like you’re supposed to be. Especially when it comes to keeping an eye on operations and activities on-site.

ID-Tech Solution’s close partnership with best in industry providers such as Panasonic ensures that you will never feel out of touch. In addition to the communications and productivity solutions they provide, Panasonic also lets you keep an eye on things from wherever YOU happen to be. Their IP based cameras are easily incorporated into new or existing locations. You can choose from fixed, mini-dome or hi-res units and utilize existing LANS, WANS or Virtual Private Networks -or the internet- to effectively monitor remote locations without installing stand-alone video networks.

As always, installation of your security solution will be performed by one of ID-Tech’s highly skilled and certified technicians, leaving you confident in the knowledge that your organization is safe and secure.

ID-Tech Solutions’ longstanding partnership with leading manufacturers uniquely positions our company to offer the industry’s most cutting-edge solutions, custom tailored to meet your specific technology and communications needs.